Sunday, March 4, 2012

First Post: ERRAtic

So my name is Erra. I'm an engineering student who's also a part time painter, photographer, traveller and (drum rolls, please) writer. Although the part times aren't really that true. I call myself a painter and etc. all the time because I want to be one. A girl can dream right?

I'll keep this one short since I'm not really in the mood to write about witty things that is happening to my life at the moment. But I'll leave a picture of my chubby self to tell you guys I'm not a freak or whatsoever.

ps. By the way, this is not a blog. This is a site where I brag about what I do and what I try to create. We can call this a 'Brag-Site', and I am not a blogger, I call myself a writer. Cause I try to be cool and unique.
pps. Photo by my siter, Gail.(Even though all she had to do is click the camera for me. I suck at self timers.)

 ~ erra

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