Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Blogs and Dogs and Procratination

I have 2 blogs at the moment but I'm thinking of transferring it all here but I'm more famous at Tumblr so I really can't decide right now because I have to study for Calculus and I'm thinking of not attending class again and just stay here but that won't do because I need to focus now or never and I need to learn.

:) So yeah.

It's MIDTERMS! HAHA. Which means I have to study lots again and I still can't find my friend's book which means that I am now screwed. I have projects due on friday, I have to drop one class and I haven't told my parents yet, I have to ace calculus or else I'll really fail and I already missed two lessons on moodle. Am I responsible or what? Haha. Anywway, I must go back to work for I only have two hours to finish this homework in Liner Algebre

so here's a picture of one of our new dogs. I've named him 'Tomoe' from the manga 'Kamisama Hajimemashita', which is a manga that I'm currently reading during studying. Isn't he the cutest?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

March Out-take Photos

This is what I do when I have my free time. Shoot myself even though I have no make up at all. What can I say? I just love taking pictures. I was actually in the process of finding some other places to shoot in our house other than the back of our door in the living room. You see, our house is small, which is why we're planning on moving but that will probably take longer than expected since it's still being built.

This was just a piece of wall in my room. Haha. I have to crop certain things since my room isn't really as big as it seem to be.

My hair isn't really curly. I curl my hair every morning and since I did this, I thought I might as well take a picture of myself. Also, here are some other shots that might look less vain.

(Just looking at this photo makes me hungry.)

This March, I'll spend most of my time at Baclaran. I have to help my parents at our shop so I can pay my tuition fee. Money doesn't grow on trees you know. Then on April, we'll leave for Bicol and two weeks after that, I'll be back to school. You know how school can take most of your time. Anyway, I'll post more photos soon about my summer escapades (yeah, it's already summer here in our country). For now, enjoy Spring!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

First Post: ERRAtic

So my name is Erra. I'm an engineering student who's also a part time painter, photographer, traveller and (drum rolls, please) writer. Although the part times aren't really that true. I call myself a painter and etc. all the time because I want to be one. A girl can dream right?

I'll keep this one short since I'm not really in the mood to write about witty things that is happening to my life at the moment. But I'll leave a picture of my chubby self to tell you guys I'm not a freak or whatsoever.

ps. By the way, this is not a blog. This is a site where I brag about what I do and what I try to create. We can call this a 'Brag-Site', and I am not a blogger, I call myself a writer. Cause I try to be cool and unique.
pps. Photo by my siter, Gail.(Even though all she had to do is click the camera for me. I suck at self timers.)

 ~ erra